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Adventure Sumatra is a well established travel agent in Sumatra which is supported and managed by a leading Dutch-Indonesian travel agency and tour operator. We offer a wide and varied choice of fascinating flexible programs that ensure fresh and lively ways to see Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia.

Since Sumatra Island consist of nature and beauty of it tropical rain forest, made Sumatra become a dreaming destination for travelers who love adventure, nature and unique culture.

AdventureSumatra.com ready to make your dream become true with a lot of varieties of adventure package tours in the whole part of Sumatra and in other island in Indonesia, we provide soft adventure to heavy adventure trip which can be adjusted with the request of the customers.We provide Jungle tracking, Rafting, Volcano climbing, Birds Watching, camping, motor biking, bicycling trip, surfing and diving trip

Our guides are experienced, multi-lingual licensed professionals, with extensive knowledge of geography, history, religion and local customs. We provide our guides with comprehensive information about their groups, so that their holiday will be remembered as "the Indonesia experience" and not just as another run-of-the-mill sightseeing tour.

We  provide personalized study tours for our professional counterparts from abroad. References can be provided upon request.